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    The Chilled and Frozen Food Summit is being held on 2nd October 2018 in the Ricoh Arena, Coventry

    The purpose of the Chilled and Frozen Food Summit has a singular focus — Bring together senior management and technical experts from the UK and Europe’s chilled and frozen food manufacturers and retailers in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration.

    The speaker line-up is drawn from senior management from leading chilled and frozen food manufactures manufactures and retailers that have direct responsibility for areas such as processing, plant management, supply chain and procurement, demand planning, sales and marketing lean, production, project management, continuous improvement, NPD and Innovation, packaging, sustainability etc

    Key Topics Include:

    Energy management, food safety, new retail products, supply chain and logistics, cold storage, refrigerated supply chain, temperature and monitoring, packaging, Spiral chillers and freezers, convenience food, deserts, retail and foodservice, reducing food waste, natural refrigerants, , industrial freezing equipment, printing and labelling, Meat Refrigeration, premium market, temperature controlled storage and logistics, Manufacturing Innovation, Continuous Improvement Tools and Methods, sales and marketing trends, , Data & IT, Automation &robotics, factory optimisation, Industry 4.0, supply chain optimization, Reducing downtime, cost reduction, quality control, last mile delivery, consumer trends, frozen and refrigerated food trends, shelf life extension, freeze drying, NPD and Innovation,

    If you have an interest in the frozen and refrigerated sector, you can’t afford to miss this event.


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